CHOICE IN HACKNEY has many opportunities to get involved during Lockdown.

By volunteering as a Telephone Befriender, Gardener, Shopper or Walking Friend you can have a real positive impact on the lives of disabled people during this difficult time

Our Volunteer Project matches volunteers with disabled people. Volunteers help service users to feel less isolated, have access to their own green spaces, shopping and going for walks to improve their health and wellbeing.

Volunteering as a gardener with us will involve us pairing you with a disabled person who is unable to maintain their garden due to their impairment. You can assist them with simple tasks (such as mowing a lawn or weeding) but with a huge impact on the mental health and general wellbeing of the disabled person.

Telephone Befrienders and Walking Friends will be paired with a disabled person who is feeling isolated and wants someone to spend time with them, either over the phone or in the local community! Walking Friends will be matched with someone nearby, and observe social distancing measures.

Volunteer Shoppers will be matched with a disabled person who needs support with collecting shopping or medicine.This will involve collecting the items from a nearby store and delivery to door.

We always match volunteers with service users on the basis of mutual preferences. Volunteers have the right not to perform any tasks they are not comfortable with.



These opportunities come up at different times throughout the year and may not be available at all times.

If you have an active interest in any of these areas please feel free to contact us to discuss further details.





Befriending Application Pack :

Shopping Application Pack :

Gardening Application Pack: