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CHOICE aims to offer more support to more disabled people but we need your help:


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buys one volunteer's travel and expenses for two support sessions for a frail elderly person. buys one hour of a trained advocate's time to help a disabled person claim their entitlements to live independently at home. buys a day's training for a young disabled person who wants to become a professional advocate.




Donations can be made now on Everyclick and Paypal Or send a cheque payable to CHOICE in Hackney to :

CHOICE, Defoe Block, 50 Hoxton Street,N1 6LP:







Jimmy was on holiday with friends from college when he was involved in a road traffic accident.

He seriously injured his spine. Several operations and a long stay in hospital left him dependent on a wheel chair. He was discharged back to Hackney and, faced with rebuilding his life, was referred to CHOICE by the wheel chair clinic. Social Services had provided Jimmy with adaptations and some support but he had no idea what he was entitled to or how to organise his new life.

We were able to help Jimmy. A CHOICE advocate, also disabled, was assigned to him and was able to guide him through the benefits system and apply for the support he needed to be able to pick up his life. He enrolled in our Advocacy Training and Employment Project which not only gave him the knowledge and skills he needed to seek work in this field but helped him regain his feeling of self worth and confidence.

He was also paired up with a CHOICE volunteer of the same age who helped him access public transport and explore local facilities.

You can help people like Jimmy. Your work place may also be involved in funding projects.

We would love to talk to you.




We welcome new Trustees and are particularly keen to recruit disabled people to join our Board.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact: Caroline Nelson, who will ask you to send us a Cv.

You would get an opportunity to observe a meeting and would receive a full induction pack.

We aim to incorporate a balance of skills and experience and will consider your application with this in mind.

CHOICE'S Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation.